Sexually assaulted on campus by Pastor

I was with my friend at Upper Campus in the tutorial rooms late at night, studying for a test, a man came in and used the same tutorial room to study, he had been using it just as frequently as we had used it and although we hardly spoke to him we just knew that he was a pastor at a UCT Student Church and he was allegedly doing his masters in Engineering. My friend left sooner than we planned because she was not feeling well, About 45 minutes after she left the pastor did the unthinkable, and sexually assaulted me.
He persistently asked me to give him a hug ,I refused , he then walked towards me and lifted me from my chair and held my body tightly against his, I told him to leave me alone several times, but he did not listen. He started rubbing his private parts against my body,humping on me… I was shaking with tears in my eyes, I tried to  raise my voice even louder and told him to leave me alone… after a while he left me. I sat down in shock trying to understand if what had happened was actually real or a nightmare.  A few minutes later it sunk in and I ran to the bathroom, cried and called a friend who tried to calm me down and call CPS. CPS was taking forever to come and at that point I just wanted to leave the building .I went back to the tut room where he was still there and fetched my belongings, as I was about to close the door he said ” Don’t tell anyone about this, keep this between us yeah?”. Still with no CPS around, I ran to the ATM and withdrew some money to call a cab to res. I went to the comb lab for safety as CPS was still not around.
I was broken, traumatized and devastated I could not write my tests, still crippled by the trauma,I mean what could I do? Who would believe me? He was a pastor.. I was in total darkness. I used the rest of the week to try and recover and put the incident behind me . After hearing that another incident almost happened with another girl, I knew I had to bring an end to this or else something worse could happen to another young womyn. I emailed the head of CPS several times, he said he would investigate at some point he stopped replying to my emails. I went with a friend to the Lower campus office to report the incident and plead with them to arrest him as it would only be a matter of time before he hurt someone else. They said they would investigate and hunt him down.
I saw him with a friend on campus who almost fell victim too and we immediately called CPS, they searched for him and said they would find him and keep us updated.
Weeks later I went to CPS with 3 of my friends and we demanded to see the senior investigating officer for a follow up as we would still see him on campus and was starting to threaten one of the survivors with statements like “You are a witch! and you dont know who you are messing with! Stop telling people about me!”. The senior investigating officer said such a case was never brought to his attention. It had disappeared. It was then discovered that he was the same pastor who UCT banned in 2012 for the same incidents. I was livid and went straight to the Rondebosch police station to seek help as my own university had failed me.

I got a call from a friend who was a victim of Hate Speech fro the pastor, she told me that they are 2 more victims of sexual assault from the pastor. We managed to set up a meeting and prayer with all the girls who had been violated by him that we know. We agreed to take the matter into our hands. We got an insider from the church who knew what was going on who told us when he would be at church.  About 8 of the girls agreed to meet at the Jammie stairs before his evening church service, while myself and another girl  occupied the Rondebosch police station waiting for notification when he arrived at the church. A soon as he arrived at around 9:25pm, we told the police man, and we headed to Upper campus, met with all the other girls and we all marched together to arrest him in his church (that was the only place we knew we could find him). He was finally arrested that evening, thanks to all the Mbokodo womyn who put up a strong fight and remained committed although fear tried to cripple us at times.

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