#sexistSA: Academic spaces are far from safe

Last year the Daily Vox posted an article detailing the experience of a survivor on campus:

“Soon, I discovered that my rapist was a tutor at my university. Because of the persistent, subversive misogyny I was exposed to on a daily basis, I felt completely unsupported. I was certain that talking about my rape would lead to me being ostracised. I had nowhere to turn.

Sexual harassment in academia is powerful because our harassers have overt and institutional power over us: they are often our lecturers and tutors, and have the power to determine our careers.

And yet there is very little discussion about on-campus sexual assault. While previouscampaigns run at UCT have highlighted sexual violence, they have never acknowledged that it actually happens on campus, and that it is classmates, lecturers and administrators who are the perpetrators. Structures that exist to deal with on-campus discrimination and harassment have failed to release statistics or reports on its occurrence on campus.”

Read the full article here: http://www.thedailyvox.co.za/sexistsa-academic-spaces-are-far-from-safe/


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